Ted Poulsen – Requiem (Wind Designs, Vol. III)

Ted Poulsen is back with a brand new track titled, ‘Requiem‘ from the album “Wind Designs, Volume III”

Ted Poulsen has been writing songs for many years, and he recently reworked an idea he had in 1985. He wrote this amazing new single after watching a television special on children in war zones, and eventually he managed to finish the song in 2016, featuring it on his new album, “Wind Designs, Volume III”

This is a beautiful song, and it combines great melodies with a very touching and heartfelt topic. In fact, Ted wrote, performed, recorded, and produced this track with the goal to give a heartfelt dedication to children in war zones, struggling to survive. We might not notice the scope of the problem from where we stand, but many children are affected by the horror of war in so many parts of the world. Due to such an extreme situation, many of them didn’t even get to enjoy a proper childhood. Instead, they had to grow up fast, and deal with the harsh realities of life.

Through his music, Ted gave a voice to the voiceless, and helped raise awareness on this issue.

 Find out more about Ted Poulsen, and listen to this beautiful release, which is now available throughout the Internet’s streaming services.