Tag: Wind Designs Vol. III

Ted Poulsen – Requiem (Wind Designs, Vol. III)

Ted Poulsen is back with a brand new track titled, 'Requiem' from the album “Wind Designs, Volume III” Ted Poulsen has been writing songs for...


$ebbuku - Clown

$ebbuku – Clown

$ebbuku proudly presents his exicting new single, 'Clown' Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/track/0RyIQnfY8gAs1d8MJd0wvU?si=VdA1WbkCTkqkXthIiV1w7Q PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
FreqLoad & Ampong - Tella Friend

FreqLoad & Ampong – Tella Friend

FreqLoad & Ampong introducing new release, “Tella Friend.” FreqLoad & Ampong are two British artists with a goal: they want to leave a deep mark...
Mindmassage - Indecisive

MindMassage – Indecisive

Mindmassage releases his impassioned second track ‘Indecisive‘ ahead of our upcoming LP ‘Emotion‘. Opening with a delicate piano melody and a tender vocal, the jazz-tinged...
Kasheme_the_god - War Stories

Kasheme_the_god – War Stories

Check out the new single, 'War stories' released by Kasheme_the_god Hip-Hop My call of duty War stories the battle between me and the world. https://open.spotify.com/track/0CFn9cjTZblIAvmKTjtvHb FOLLOW ON:...
Silent - The Road

Silent – The Road

Silent presenting their new song, 'The Road' Silent, an AOR /Hard Rock band based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was imagined and created in February...

Heather Morningstar – Goodbye

Heather Morningstar proudly presents her new single, 'Goodbye' Goodbye is a song about finding yourself, and saying goodbye to the old self and things that...
Dj Dcuellar - Never Gone

Dj Dcuellar – Never Gone

Dj Dcuellar proudly presents exciting new single, 'Never Gone' Hello I am Dj Dcuellar and I'm an independent Trance/Techno and Dance music Dj producer https://open.spotify.com/track/5NudfWkFibjiJ0CYx9iQIX?si=QQIR-wULRtqHeatpCciMMw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW...
Da New Era Damyon - Really Want It (Review)

Da New Era Damyon – Really Want It (Review)

Check out this music review of the single, 'Really Want It' by Da New Era Damyon  Da New Era Damyon is back on the...
The Kash Flowz - Blondes and Brunettes (Nothing But Misery)

The Kash Flowz – Blondes and Brunettes (Nothing But Misery)

The Kash Flowz present new single, 'Blondes and Brunettes' off their full album Nothing But Misery The Kash Flowz are the kings of the So-F-Art...

JD and the Critics – She Knows

JD and the Critics - She Knows Hit song by JD and the Critics - She Knows. A classic rock and roll vibe. https://open.spotify.com/track/6tB44Vi9apVf0eLyFvbXPg?si=IFbO-gBQSRW4oj76YfzeYg FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK...
Mankind's Remedy - Faceless

Mankind’s Remedy – Faceless

Hailing from Southern Louisiana, Mankind’s Remedy are a superb 3 piece rock band. Their latest album, ‘Faceless’ is a masterclass in heavy, melodic music...
K.C. - Damn I'm Great

K.C. – Damn I’m Great

K.C. presents exciting new single, 'Damn I'm Great' K.C. brings you some old school flow over a westcoast track. This MC represents all the greatness...

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