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Ted Poulsen – In the Bleak Midwinter

Ted Poulsen presents his song, 'In the Bleak Midwinter' taken off the full album, 'The Old Rugged Cross' A song for your Christmas playlist, we...

Ted Poulsen – Lake City Nights

Ted Poulsen presents his exciting new song, 'Lake City Nights' A summer of '69 for a younger generation, Ted Poulsen has released this new song...

Ted Poulsen – Play It One More Time

Ted Poulsen introduces new single titled, 'Play It One More Time' A rock anthem for the last days of Summer and bonfire days of Fall...

Yvalain – Music Is My Life (feat. Ted Poulsen)

Yvalain proudly presents his new single, 'Music Is My Life' which also features Ted Poulsen Music is my life. Since my teenage it has accompanied...

Ted Poulsen – Requiem (Wind Designs, Vol. III)

Ted Poulsen is back with a brand new track titled, 'Requiem' from the album “Wind Designs, Volume III” Ted Poulsen has been writing songs for...


Saccade - The Pictures We Paint

Saccade – The Pictures We Paint

Saccade presenting his new album, 'The Pictures We Paint' A native son of Los Angeles, Sam Davidson grew up on a steady diet of classic...
Chuck Uzi - Real Ones

Chuck Uzi – Real Ones

Uzi Brings You a Melodic Anthem For the streets with his Single 'Real Ones' Off His New Album "Phoenix" streaming now on all major...
Brady Novotny - Passions Collide

Brady Novotny – Passions Collide

Brady Novotny is back with his exciting new release titled, 'Passions Collide' Pittsburgh native Brady Novotny is no stranger to the stage, or the world...
Emerald Wave - Transcendant Existance

Emerald Wave – Transcendant Existance

Transcendant Existance is the first track of the fluidic perceptions EP released under the Emerald Wave Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/track/0f0clDTnLJDLAc82KUsIxD?si=ucq-baJvQq2BAUqMnBVIOw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Eliise – Good To Know

Eliise proudly presents her new single, 'Good To Know' This is the perfect song to quit your job to or to listen to before winning...
Kasper Korleone - Wolves (Ghost of a Chance)

Kasper Korleone – Wolves (Ghost of a Chance)

Kasper Korleone (@kasperkorleone)- Wolves off his newest album Ghost of a Chance produced by Nolan Ryan, the LP and more are available now on...
SoullessProphet - Hour Glass

SoullessProphet – Hour Glass

SoullessProphet presents his exciting single, 'Hour Glass' Flashback to this beauty https://open.spotify.com/track/5w2ShlmmxdhGcOqUQ9hGm6 FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Harleigh-Jay Roberts - Happy

Harleigh-Jay Roberts – Happy

Harleigh-Jay Roberts presents her exciting new single, 'Happy' I’m Harleigh-Jay, a 23 year old singer/songwriter based in the UK. Iv just released my first album...
Tommy Positivity - ATAP 2.0

Tommy Positivity – ATAP 2.0

Tommy Positivity proudly presents new single, 'ATAP 2.0' All things are possible not always logical if this track doesn't light your fire don't know what...

5280 Mystic – Blunt fulla HU$H

5280 Mystic presenting the visuals for, 'Blunt fulla HU$H' An peek into 5280 Mystic lifestyle video as he explains about a Blunt full of HU$H...
$ebbuku - Clown

$ebbuku – Clown

$ebbuku proudly presents his exicting new single, 'Clown' Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/track/0RyIQnfY8gAs1d8MJd0wvU?si=VdA1WbkCTkqkXthIiV1w7Q PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
FreqLoad & Ampong - Tella Friend

FreqLoad & Ampong – Tella Friend

FreqLoad & Ampong introducing new release, “Tella Friend.” FreqLoad & Ampong are two British artists with a goal: they want to leave a deep mark...

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