Stephh Versace – Coupe (Review)

Check out this music review for the new release, ‘Coupe’ released by Stephh Versace

 A hook-driven hip-hop song with an old-school attitude.

The song has a soaring introduction, with a somber, melodic hook. About 17 seconds in, the vocals kick in along with the drum beat. Stephh has a gnarly vocal delivery (I mean it in the best possible way!) and brings so much energy to the table. The kick drum is so fat you can literally hear the low end break up, and it drives the 808-style beat to perfection.

Stephh’s vocal flow is definitely the cherry on top here. What I love about this release is the fact that the vocal style is modern and direct, but it also has ties to the classic scene of the 90s. As a result, the sound is more engaging and energetic, with a lot of warmth to it. With cool lines such as “Success breeds envy,” there is a lot of realness to this release, and “Coupe” is easy to relate to for people who knows what it’s like to see people treating you differently whenever you’re in a good place, not knowing who your real friends are or who you can really trust!

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