Shauna Marshall – In My Head (Review)

Shauna Marshall - In My Head (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single ‘In My Head’ from artist Shauna Marshall 

Shauna Marshall is an artist with a really broad scope. Her music is deeply engaging and catchy, and more importantly, it really explores multiple layers and influences. Recently, she dropped an exciting new single titled “In My Head.” This stunning track combines the punchy edge of house music with the melodies of pop, allowing act element in the track to converge beautifully into something truly outstanding and personable. Shauna is absolutely amazing and laying down amazing vocal tracks over the beat, and she knows how to play off each song’s melodies and rhythm sections. “In My Head” is yet another showcase of talent and excellence, connecting with listeners through emotional hooks and a stunning production feel that has a nice modern tone.

Shauna’s music is particularly special, because it really bridges the gaps between good old classic songwriting skills and lush modern soundscapes, really offering something very distinctive to the audience. Whether you are a fan of straight-up dance music and good pop hooks, you will certainly be able to connect with Shauna’s sound.

You can listen to ‘In My Head’ from Shauna Marshall here