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The Terri Green Project – Dance Tonight (The Remixes)

The Terri Green Project proudly presenting her new remixed song, 'Dance Tonight' (The Remixes) Terri joins fellow super star DJ producer Jerry Ropero for a...

Marc Victor Maria Denys – Soul Searcher

The talented Marc Victor Maria Denys proudly presents new single: Soul Searcher. February 2020 - Marc Victor Maria Denys is a versatile, multitalented and mercurial...

Conan Mac – All Again (JAY ANTHONY REMIX)

ArtistRack brings to you 'All Again (JAY ANTHONY REMIX)' by Conan Mac: Hello I'm Jay Anthony, I would like to take this opportunity to bring you...

Maniaxo – Turn It Up

ArtistRack brings to you 'Turn It Up' by the talented Maniaxo - Fun exotic edm house song! https://open.spotify.com/track/6Ct43No59dZgv0Ucwki5PJ   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM |

B.O.A – Subliminal Shift

Introducing the brand new deep house artist B.O.A with the track 'Subliminal Shift', which one of the five tracks from the debut EP 'Forbidden...

Jay Anthony – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Jay Anthony proudly presenting, 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' My name is Jay Anthony, I have always been in the club/ house scene from promoting...

Jay Anthony – Suitcase

Jay Anthony proudly presenting his new single, 'Suitcase' My name is Jay Anthony, I have always been in the club/ house scene from promoting clubs...

BlackSilence ft.Niki Darling – Jon Fitz Remix

ArtistRack brings to you 'Jon Fitz Remix' by the talented BlackSilence and featuring Niki Darling: BlackSilence is bringing nostalgia into the modern world, with a...

dbaines – Feel Like

Feel Like is dbaines' third release, receiving international support from the likes of David Guetta, Gold Clap, Aleksandar Galoski (Spinnin/Armada), Des Mitchell (Radio 1...

J*SwiZzag & Dmorse – Deep

Presenting new single, 'Deep' by J*SwiZzag & Dmorse J*SwiZzag and DMorse Take Us All Around The World Going 'Deep' Into The Night... With a House...


RYYTA – Clear Mind

ArtistRack brings to you 'Clear Mind' by the talented RYYTA: This song is both exciting and calm. It will take you on a journey, and...
K.Remedy - The One with the Ass

K.Remedy – The One with the Ass

K.Remedy proudly presenting new song, 'The One with the Ass' This single is Episode 2 off the Season I, EP by K.Remedy called "The One...

LK Tha Goon feat. Precise,Kevin Bond & BlackBehaviour – Draymond

Check out the new song, 'Draymond' by LK Tha Goon featuring Precise,Kevin Bond & BlackBehaviour  Rappers From Montreal, Quebec (Canada) We The vol 1 deluxe edition (available...
Queen Dej - Replace You

Queen Dej – Replace You

Queen Dej is back with the visuals for her new single, 'Replace You' Shot and directed in beautiful KUMASI, GHANA by @DKSHOTIT_FILMS . Engineered by @SERGEIKOFMANMUSIC Produced by...
Youngworldibi - Rock Boy

Youngworldibi – Rock Boy

Youngworldibi to release new single, 'Rock Boy' New artist paving the way for himself, takes pride in lyricism and putting out good music staying true...
Reynard - B (More Careful)

Reynard – B (More Careful)

Reynard presenting his latest release, 'B (More Careful)' Welcome all. I 'm Reynard, I make music for all generations. You will get the best of...
VJ x Foolish Desperado x Neaky Womack - Balance

VJ x Foolish Desperado x Neaky Womack – Balance

Check out the exciting new single, 'Balance' by VJ x Foolish Desperado x Neaky Womack I hope you guys enjoy this track and thank you...

Peezy P Reallae – Survival

Peezy P Reallae proudly presents Official Music Video for, 'Survival' YO!!!!!!!! This is Peezy P REALLAE and I would like everyone to Subscribe to my...
Sinque - ASAP

Sinque – ASAP

Presenting new single, 'ASAP' released by Sinque Celebrate the one you love with my new single ASAP! FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Interview with '3000Wavier'

Interview with ‘3000Wavier’

3000Wavier also known as Wavier for short is currently 24 years of age residing in North London his an artist & producer which is...
Evans - You Complete Me

Evans – You Complete Me

Evans presenting his new single, 'You Complete Me' Great tune for your enjoyment. This song celebrates the fullness that true love brings to our lives....
Core - Complicated

Core – Complicated

Core presenting single, 'Complicated' Complicated is a singe Core released late 2019. It’s a mixed genre of R&B and pop style. This upbeat, smooth, vibe...

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