Rob Georg – Radio Cowboy (Review)

Rob Georg - Radio Cowboy

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Rob Georg’s music is a combination of country, rock and Americana. You would think that these sounds came straight out the mighty south of the United States, but they actually come from the heart of Europe, since this talented German artist has a life-long passion for authentic country vibes.

Find out more about Rob Georg and do not miss out on “Radio Cowboy,” which sets the bar higher in terms of passion, dedication and commitment. Rob had a dream: hopping on a plane to Nashville and record his vocals at some of the best studios in the world. While on the road, he actually met Kristin K. Smith, a singer-songwriter who inspired him to write his own music and his spontaneous lyrics.

“Radio Cowboy” is the perfect sublimation of Rob’s amazing creativity and vibe. His sound is diverse and spontaneous, and more importantly, it is quite personal. On his songs, Rob ponders about the many ramifications of life, and the human conditions. Through his melodies, he can connect with the audience with deeper topics, but at the same time, he also has the ability to entertain his audience with his infectious blend of country, rock, folk, Americana, and so much more.