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Kyle Moon & The Misled – Dance Halls

Kyle Moon & The Misled presenting their new song, 'Dance Halls' taken off their full album: Straight Fine Livin’ Kyle Moon & the Misled is...

KitCatK – Talkin’ To Me

KitCatK is back with her brand new single, 'Talkin' To Me' Hello I’m @KitCatK, I’m an Artist, Lyricist & Top Line writer. I’m a member...

Natalie Goodman – Just a Friend

Natalie Goodman presenting her song, 'Just a Friend' “Just a Friend” is a catchy, upbeat country tune about trying to get back out there after...

Kylie Trout – You & I

Kylie Trout introducing her brand new single release, 'You & I' Kylie was born and raised in Southern California where she grew up listening to...

Kyle Moon & The Misled – Stay Young

Kyle Moon & The Misled present their song, 'Stay Young' Kyle Moon & the Misled is an Americana/Cosmic Country outfit based in San Antonio, Texas. “Kyle...

Blake Turner – You Deserve

Blake Turner proudly presenting his exciting new single, 'You Deserve' Blake Turner is a country music singer/songwriter from Georgia https://open.spotify.com/track/2UEFghKh4w9EMKTtZP6OId?si=zDeL0KKgQGaUtslBLovyjw FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

Kate Magdalena – Take Me to Church (Review)

Check out ArtistRack's review of Kate Magdalena's single 'Take Me to Church': A strong combination of powerful melodies and intimate lyrics with a classic country...

Justin Fancy – Long Time Comin’

The talented Justin Fancy releases brand new studio single, “Long Time Comin.” Justin Fancy is a singer and songwriter hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He...

White Owl Red – Take A Good Look

ArtistRack brings to you 'Take A Good Look' by the talented White Owl Red: New Album - Afterglow - Out February 26, 2020! Pre-order Afterglow Now “This...

Kate Magdalena – Take Me to Church

ArtistRack brings to you 'Take Me to Church' by the talented Kate Magdalena: This cover of Sinead O'Connor's riveting song is part of Kate's album...


Tenor Heikki Halinen - Speak Softly, Love

Tenor Heikki Halinen – Speak Softly, Love

Tenor Heikki Halinen proudly presenting new single, 'Speak Softly, Love' 🎵New single out in co-operation with Eclipse Records ⚡ The love theme from the iconic...
Jon Harris - I Don't Wanna Hear It

Jon Harris – I Don’t Wanna Hear It

Jon Harris Releases the First Single from His Album “Who is Jon Harris” Jon Harris has been known as and frequently stated to be the...
Robert Manigault - Champagne Nights (Instrumental)

Robert Manigault – Champagne Nights (Instrumental)

Robert Manigault introducing new instrumental release: Champagne Nights March 2020 - Robert Manigault is a composer and songwriter with many tricks up his sleeves. He...
Tristan Lindo - A Night With You

Tristan Lindo – A Night With You

Tristan Lindo introducing brand new single release, 'A Night With You' About Artist: Tristan Lindo is a Canadian artist, producer, singer/songwriter from Brampton, Ontario. Growing up...
DeeWattson - Posterize

DeeWattson – Posterize

DeeWattson presenting new single: Posterize My name is Dyron, I go by the stage name of DeeWattson. And I'm originally from Lousiana & Maryland. I...

Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones – Daisy’s Riding Shotgun

Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones introducing brand new studio release, “Daisy’s Riding Shotgun.” March 2020 - Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones are two extremely talented...
Elyot - Deus Ex Machina

Elyot – Deus Ex Machina

Check out the new single, 'Deus Ex Machina' by Elyot Deus Ex Machina is a track written around two analog synthesizers. Like the meaning of...
Breeze Davinci - Dreamworld

Breeze Davinci – Dreamworld

The Latest Single by Breeze Davinci - "Dreamworld" Is Available Now!!!!! . Do not miss out on listening to it here https://open.spotify.com/track/16lr5FZit1PqJh57kge9Lb?si=XSxfowq7S1S4gvdVG9mhBg PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | WEBSITE
Abrigo - On TV One Day

Abrigo – On TV One Day

Presenting new single, 'On TV One Day' released by Abrigo From Liberia, West Africa to the World! https://open.spotify.com/track/4ep3n540neVABygbXXrREX?si=7PX4HfJ7TAaIxRKYCUkYGQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Black Baethoven - Don't Play With My Time

Black Baethoven – Don’t Play With My Time

Black Baethoven and Rico Bando are bringing some serious heat with this new track. "Don't Play With My Time" is a tribute to hustlers...
Jalopy Bungus - Smdx4

Jalopy Bungus – Smdx4

Jalopy Bungus introducing new single release, Smdx4 March 2020 - Jalopy Bungus is an artist and rapper with a unique creative outlook. His sound sets the...
Jessica Sevier - Edge of the Night

Jessica Sevier – Edge of the Night

Jessica Sevier introducing new song release, Edge Of The Night. Jessica Sevier is an artist with a focus on creating original music loaded with personality...

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