Cheryl Craigie – Cold (Review)

Cheryl Craigie has released a new project named “Cold”.

October 2022 – Cheryl Craigie is an artist who makes music from the heart. Her most recent release, “Cold”, is absolutely no exception. In fact, this mesmerizing and soothing release is a perfect example of what the artist offers.

The singer portrays her innermost emotions and feelings in musical format so brilliantly, and everything in the release comes together beautifully to obtain a very attentive and one-of-a-kind experience overall.

Listeners will immediately notice Cheryl’s very special take on country music. Not only does she stay true to the tropes of the genre, but she also takes the sound to a whole new dimension, exploring the possibility of blending in other influences, including soul and R&B. These two worlds collide, leading to something truly spectacular and emotional at the same time.

“Cold” is a snapshot of this combination of styles, providing some energy and a high degree of excellence from an artist with a lot to say.

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