Garrett Manning – Beer Me (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Garrett Manning has announced a new studio single: Beer Me.

April 2022 – Garrett Manning is a singer and songwriter who recently announced the release of a new song called “Beer Me.” The title might be ironic and the song is certainly light-hearted, but make no mistake: Garrett is not a “meme” artist, as he has some serious chops! The song immediately stands out with its country-rock sound. The guitars are creamy and edgy, with a slightly overdriven tone that tips the hat off to artists as diverse as Tom Petty or Brad Paisley. Garrett’s vocals are nostalgic and endearing, perfectly connecting to the storytelling element of the music. We all relate to the feeling of going back to a good place or thinking back on a good memory, even if only in your heart or in your mind. This beautiful country-rock track is catchy and upbeat, and it might help you smile on some of your best memories! The musicianship is truly spotless, and the production matches the quality of the songwriting.

Find out more about Garrett Manning, and listen to “Beer Me,” which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services out there.