Reversed Perception – Over My Head (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Over My Head’ released by Reversed Perception

Reversed Perception have just released their new alternative single “Over My Head”.

One of the highlights on the song is the intimate and introspective lyrics that connect with the listeners on a deeper level. Samuel Lygren’s performance on vocals and guitar is evocative and personal. His expressive voice keeps the listeners hooked for the entire track.

There are memorable lyrics such as “she’s over my head/ and I’m under the weather”, which will echo in your mind long after the track has finished! Sofie Lopes is on bass, Ethan Church on drums, and Jack Bernard on lead guitar. Together, this band forms a tight-knight group that hit a home run with this sweet-cinematic ballad.

“Over My Head” has a catchy-melody that has a strong pop aesthetic. This pop feel is nicely contrasted by the atmospheric and indie soundscape. In this track, Reversed Perception blends the nostalgic quality of Randy Newman with the performance style of Tom Odell and Paolo Nutini, to mention but a few artists.

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