Reversed Perception – Lost Again (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Lost Again’ released by Reversed Perception

The band’s appeal is all about combining the hook-filled sentiments of pop music, with the current and energy of rock, although their sound is not easy to categorize in either genres. All we can say is that their most recent release, “Lost Again” is a true sonic feast, a piece of music that will make you forget whatever you’re busy doing, tag along, and listen. There is something truly special about songs that reach deep within the heart of the listener, and this is certainly one of them. In addition to that, we are totally enjoying the track’s production. It’s easy to see that “Lost Again” was created paying a lot of attention to some of the most important details of the songwriting experience.

We would definitely recommend checking out this release if you are a fun individual the music will give you a spark of liveliness, but also a lot of amazing melodies and hooks to latch on to! Reversed Perception is ultimately a pop-inspired group, but do so on their own terms, without following any of the usual, tired rules and Clichés that are dominating the genre today.

Recommended if you enjoy: Blink-182, Coldplay, The Sliders, Dead Rituals, The Temper Trap.