Rayne Michael – Baby I See Prod. by PU Muuzik

ArtistRack brings to you Rayne Michael – Baby I See Prod. by PU Muuzik:

At the start of 2017 I was reached out to do a collaboration on another track titled “Behind Closed Doors” produced by PU Muuzik. He loved what I did so much, that he asked me to check out some more of his tracks. That is when I stumbled onto this incredibly amazing beat. At the same time however, I was also having some chronic throat issues and had no little to no singing voice. Come to find out it was due to tonsillitis and I had to have them removed.

As an adult, a tonsillectomy is severely painful, it took me about a month to recover and start to get my singing voice back. That is when I started working on this track. I can honestly say vocally it is the most challenging, versatile, and diverse track I’ve probably ever sang. I wanted to comeback even better than I was before my surgery. I say that mission was definitely accomplished. The vocal dexterity I have now and the ease that comes with it is just different in so many ways. I’m truly proud of the work and feel like it is something that no one has ever heard from me before. I finally decided to stop holding back and I hope you will like it too.