Gary Dranow – Bodywise

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Bodywise’ by Gary Dranow

It is fair to say that there is an adventuring spirit within Gary Dranow that is persistently looking for new possibilities and undertaking fresh adventures. The same can be said for the Park City, Utah-based artist’s music and a creative craving that explores, evolves and never stands still.
Born on March 10, 1954, in Santa Monica, Gary’s musical journey pretty much began the moment, at the age of 11, he heard “Crossroads” by Cream on the radio. The encounter sparked a realization that he wanted to be a guitarist. That acknowledgment and intent were brought to life the following day when his mother took him to the Ernie Ball guitar shop. Within a year, he had started his first band, The New Invaders, and his musical voyage, like his guitar collection from that first Fender Stratocaster, has continually grown and embraced a wide variety in its adventure.
As we said, his life revolved around his perpetual passion for music, which matched his musical career in diversity and adventurous spirit. Sport was another prominent part of his formative years and beyond, with athletics and equestrian competitions evolving into motocross with high success and, subsequently, skiing. With similar results, Gary made his potent mark racing and as an instructor before founding the Modern Ski Racing Academy.
Similarly, his entrepreneurial prowess has been centered on instinctive enterprise. Gary notably founded Spoiled Brats of California, a garment manufacturing company, mortgage brokerage company First Manhattan Funding (FMF, Inc.), and developed and sold Cyborg Information Systems, a fully automated mortgage process software.
It has been a journey in life as rich as Gary’s music within acclaimed releases such as 2023 album, “Destiny Road”, a record themed by his experiences with Bipolar 1 Disorder, and his new EP, “Never Give Up”. The latter keenly relishes the seeds of diversity within Gary’s American/blues rock-rooted sound, his songs openly embracing a variety of alternative and rock flavors within heart-bred contemplation.
Across a host of other projects and collaborations with musicians such as guitarist Chris Zoupa from Australian progressive metallers Teramaze in their new EDM project Astralix and Ukrainian singer-producer Klim Apalkov, Chris persistently pushes his boundaries and landscape of enterprise with “Never Give Up” for one, an enriching adventure for creator and listener alike.