Bec Caruana – Take Yo’ Praise

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Take Yo’ Praise’ by Bec Caruana

​​Bec Caruana is a multi-platinum award winning songwriter & singer, her works have sold over 2 million units all over the world. She has toured with Pink, The Sugarbabes, C&C Music Factory, Snap, Bon Jovi & Shaggy. Bec is a multi-facetted performer, writer and recording artist. Stemming from a career in pop and as a house music vocalist.

“I’ve been holding onto this since Covid lockdown because a few other artists also released a version of this song. Til’ now, nobody has recorded the full original soul version of ‘Take yo’ Praise’ (Praise you) with a live band at the Fatboy Slim tempo.”

This version of ‘Take Yo’ Praise (Praise You)’ is a nod to both the artists that have made this track legendary, the original artist and songwriter, Camille Yarbrough and Fatboy Slim.
The gospel inspired midsection was written Bec & producer, Peter Atkins. Alongside some of the finest musicians in Sydney I believe we have a version!!
OUT April 10