PrinceNito – Dead Faces (Review)

PrinceNito - Dead Faces

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“Dead Faces” by Prince Nito is certainly one of the most interesting and forward-thinking hip-hop releases that we’ve had the chance to hear in recent times. Many new rappers out there seem to try and copy popular artists at any given time, so the result is that you have a bunch of new rappers who sound like Kanye, a few who sound like Jay Z and so on.

On the other hand, other hip-hop artists certainly have a way to let their personality through, and that’s definitely the case of Prince Nito, a hip-hop artist who set out to leave a deep mark with his release, “Dead Face.” The artist immediately strikes for his bold and uncompromising lyrical tone, as well as a really good production value.

The project has a textural tone, with simple, yet strong and cinematic melodies. His beats are very trap-inspired with a thick, powerful 808-style tone with a lot of bass and an even bigger mid-range with a lot of warmth and punch. The lyrical delivery is outstanding, and it has a heavy, yet laid-black flow, which really reminds me of some of the best trap performers out there. Prince Nito isn’t afraid to speak out out and say whatever he wants, and his music feels all the more direct because of it.

You can listen to ‘Dead Faces’ by Prince Nito here: