NAUREA – Sugar Sun (Review)

NAUREA - Sugar Sun (Review)

ArtistRack reviews Naurea’s latest single titled ‘Sugar Sun’:

The tormented guitar patterns rip through Naurea’s newest single “Sugar Sun” providing heavy distorted rock harmonics with a dark tone of energy engulfing a majority of the frequencies. This chaotic masterpiece is an original testament that transcends the novelty of time itself and appeals to a new genre of music encompassing gloomy metaphors of horrocore rock music. The fast paced syncopated cadences give Sugar Sun a fortitude and assertiveness that demands the audience’s attention and holds a considerable amount of weight. The vocal harmonies were an excellent addition as they complimented the melodies with precision to the hardstyle guitar portions of the song. The hazy lofi sound is held over the single on to set a distinct tone that is congruent to their moniker sound without revealing too much for future releases. Naurea possesses an authenticity that sets itself apart from other rock groups while continuing to innovate through the influence of music. The track duration displays a sense of masterful déjà vu in terms of approach by deliberate distinctiveness that reinforces attention to detail within the careful orchestration of the songwriting process that these professionals implement. The power chord progressions reigned heavily while the electrifying soundscapes rip assertively through the composition leaving no prisoners while simultaneously inspiring many music heads.



A furious mix of Industrial Rock, EDM and Dark House, in an amalgam of nuances giving rise to a unique and at least differentiable product. From electro, techno, house to post-industrial rock everything is possible inside NAUREA, twisting the dark side with music that is outside the framework of the daily, for thrill-seekers and real artists outside the mainstream. Olimann (architect, graphic designer, writer, in the past playing guitar with bands since 1991 such as Sectarium, Godes Yrre, Anger Seeds, Eskoria, C-Men) usually work alone in his small studio and make in a chaotic way all the music/composition/recording/graphics and in this way music and graphic art are combined trying to bring to the public the idea of madness within the madness, pleasure within the pleasure and death within the death: a real Monster Music.