Mi$tuh G – G.W.O. (Review)

Mi$tuh G - Riot (Review)
[MUSIC REVIEW] Mi$tuh G is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: G.W.O.

September 2020: Rap artist Mi$tuh G recently dropped a new release titled G.W.O. – Currently available on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms, the record features 8 tracks, including a very eerie introduction, featuring news clips from the current COVID-19 pandemic and other things that are happening through the world.

The fittingly titled song “Apokalypse” is a perfect introduction to the artist’s style, featuring trap influences and synth-driven soundscapes. “I Heard” is a different take on the artist’s style, showcasing a more melodic style, while still retaining so much energy.

The song “Kreep” has a more cinematic style, with futuristic sound effects and a punchy beat. “G World Order” is the catchiest song on the EP, featuring trap influences combined with experimental soundscapes. “Riot” has a darker, heavier sound, with some sharper lyrics.

“Trap Drill” follows right along with a classic trap feel and a more melodic vibe. Last, but not least, the song “Disconnect the Doubt” has got some intriguing lyrics and a unique style, which showcases the artist’s personality.

Check out G.W.O., and don’t miss on more music from Mi$tuh G