Maro DēLo – Hold U (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Hold U’ released by Maro DēLo

Maro DēLo knows a thing or two about crafting powerful melodies and amazing hooks. His music is indeed a perfect example of what happens when songs are sung with spontaneity, and when there is a very personal connection between the artist, and what they are singing about. “Hold U,” Maro’s new release, is a very romantic track with a slightly nostalgic vibe. I love the fact that the instrumental track has so many atmospheric elements, which in some cases you wouldn’t even expect from something in this particular genre. There is a really smooth ambiance to this track, yet the release gives the audience a very vibrant, upbeat fill, which is a boost of energy in ever way.

Maro DēLo is the quintessential modern pop singer – someone who simply creates the music that comes from the heart, without any particular preconception in terms of style and genre definitions. Barriers are meant to be broken, and Maro’s creativity definitely trumps all of the limitations the format might face, making for an expressive, yet catchy song.

Find out more about Maro DēLo and listen to “Hold U,” which is already up on Spotify.