Mark Rogers – Rearranged (Review)

ArtistRack reviews ‘Rearranged’ by Mark Rogers:

The acoustical conceptualization of Roger’s music provides a gentle twangy malleability that hones in a warming unison formula of multiple vintage instruments strung along a line of impeccable orchestration.

The rock N’ roll spirit reigns prominent on this ballad with a rearranged alternative contemporary musical touch that brings about cheerfulness and enjoyment. The rhythmic portions remain a constant factor that solidifies the folk-like undertones and essence of the music in a refined manner.

The melodic comparisons are relatable between the dynamic pieces developing a timeless embodiment relinquishing acoustic originality. The guitar mastery on “Rearranged” displayed a deeper understanding of the chords on an existential level that is unmatched and entrenched through endless dedication & relentless commitment.

The use of unconventional means to produce such a fascinating piece is equally impressive and conveys an authentic songwriting approach that is both endearing and inspirational for the listener. The harmonics lock together agreeably like a seamless puzzle through the amalgam of music distributed throughout into the utter souls of the industry spectrum.

Roger’s music simply taps into the emotional aspects of sound that is ultimately set to transform the progressive motion of music into its fundamental basis of transcendence.