Mariannah y Diego – Jesús es Realidad

Mariannah y Diego present the official music video for their new release, ‘Jesús es Realidad’

Mariannah and Diego (MYD) is a Christian music duo with an electro-pop music style featuring rhythms known as “chill-wave,” “tropical house,” and EDM. MYD members include Mariannah Aguilera (voices, guitars, and keyboards) from Havana, Cuba, and Diego Archer (programming, composition, guitars, and keyboards) from Dallas, Texas. They met in 2016 on a mission trip and have been friends since. The duo was officially born on February 14, 2020, with immediate success. They write music from a distance, with Diego performing and arranging all instruments in Dallas; and Mariannah recording main vocals in Havana. Once recorded, the songs are mixed in Spain and mastered in England. They publish through American distributors and have been quite successful in Latin America. They also host a radio show called “Reaction Juvenil,” featured on two stations: Panama City, Panama, and another in Quito, Ecuador. Their ministry consists of bringing God’s word to Spanish-speaking youth and being a testimony of His love on earth.

“Jesús es Realidad” is the latest release by Mariannah y Diego. The song conveys the struggles of living in the midst of social media filters and having to discern the reality between truth and pretend lifestyles. One constant in people’s lives is the love of Jesus Christ and His willingness to accept us as we are. The song was composed with today’s contemporary pop rhythms using pizzicatos as the lead instrument throughout the song. Mariannah showcases mid-range gospel vocals, and Diego adds a frantic keyboard rhythm to create an exciting tempo. In addition, Diego’s baritone vocals add a dynamic element to the ending.

Our sound is considered chill-wave, which is a combination of electronic sounds and real instruments, along with modern beats. Our music is meant to touch people’s emotions, whether it’s happy, sad, excited, inspirational, etc.