Global Scum – Feared (Odium)

Global Scum presenting the Official Lyrical Video for, ‘Feared’

GLOBAL SCUM: The Austrian one-man Groove Metal project announces its new angry album “Odium”

Two years after the debut, GLOBAL SCUM mastermind Manuel Harlander once again breaks all hell loose and defies the evils of the modern world. Fans of bands such as Soulfly, Sepultura, Ektomorf or Slipknot should definitely make a note about the release date of “Odium”. The self-produced and by Christian Schmid (Suicidal Angels, Mystic Prophecy, FireForce) in the Music Factory Studio mastered tough and brutal Groove Metal album will be released on the 19th of July, 2019, through NRT-Records. The 13 songs are the logical continuation of the debut “Hell Is Home” from 2017, which was very well received by the international Metal scene. To know what to expect, have a look at the lyric video produced by YOD Multimedia (Kingbéast, Stonecast, Dischord) for the song “Feared” which is already causing a stir on YouTube

There are no compromises at GLOBAL SCUM, the foot is put down on the grievances of the world and the knife is turning in the sore wound with socially critical lyrics. Moon Ring Design (Master, Incubus, Martyrium) created the martial “Odium” artwork with the bloodstained woman wearing a gas mask in front of bombed ruins. On “Odium” the Austrian musician and singer Manuel Harlander confronts perverse psychopaths of today’s world, the scourge of worldwide terrorism and suicide assassins as well as the ubiquitous corruption and shouts his anger powerfully out of the speakers. On the 14th of June, 2019, the online single “Assassins” will be released along with a second lyric video.

The sophomore GLOBAL SCUM album offers with its hard Groove Metal songs the fitting soundtrack of the daily media and social apocalypse. The tracklist of this uncompromising Metal adventure can be read as follows:

1. Lunatic
2. Feared
3. Fake As Fuck
4. Full Of Hell
5. Disgusting Lust Of Madness
6. Assassins
7. Back(beats)
8. Call For Resistance
9. Martyrium
10. Human Waste
11. Violent Creation
12. Savage Killer (Instrumental)
13. Mental Anxiety

Further Information at NRT-Records and Global Scum website