Katie Bates – Naked (Single)

ArtistRack brings to you Katie Bates and her single ‘Naked’:

In September 2015, Katie stepped into the music scene. She met Kent Wells, Dolly Partons musical director and producer, in Nashville, TN. He co-wrote and produced Katie’s first EP titled, Katie Bates, which was released March 3, 2017. After releasing it on SoundCloud, her first single on the EP, After Awhile, received 20,000 views in just 1 month. The second single, Incase You Didn’t Know, has been getting attention for its unique late 80’s early 90’s sound.

Katie might be new to the music scene but she has been playing music for 20 years. She plays drums, bass, guitar, and piano. She joined a contemporary rock Christian band called Celebrate when she was 13 years old. Still playing in that band part-time, they have recorded 3 albums. All proceeds from those albums went to a Children’s school in Guatemala.

Since the release of her EP, Katie is now living in Cincinnati, OH and working with producers in the area. On July 8, 2017, Katie released a new single titled Naked. The song is a sexy anthem about what the dating world is not like today. Wouldn’t you love to go out, meet someone really cool, and not feel like you have to hook up with them at the end of the night? You just want to get to know them and strip down their walls, get to know them inside and out.

You don’t want to sleep on Katie Bates. Remember the name. Go check her out. Stream her on Spotify and download on Apple.