K.B – Anyway (Review)

Chicago rapper K.B.’s upbeat anthem ‘Anyway’ is a recollection of infectious hip hop music that has been infiltrating the mainstream as of late with unprecedented bangers and complex rhyme schemes.

The high-pitched synthesizers ride over top the hard-hitting orchestral bombs laid underneath the track to provide an unconventional vibe to counter the grittiness. The rapping punchlines worked in synchronization with the production aspects of the composition as they effectively executed in unison with one another. The vocals were opulent and well-maneuvered within the mix as they contained a braggadocios style meshed with a humble harmonic delivery.

The urban effervescence of this single is apparent with the street-like bars peppered throughout the track’s duration shaking up its structural foundation. The minimalist attitude on “Anyway” utilized omission rather than addition without oversaturating the inclusive sound and adding unnecessary anecdotes. The untampered honesty of K.B. is congruent with his true nature versus copy-cat artists fronting upon an alter-ego persona in the rap genre.

I was thoroughly impressed with this single as it tapped into hip hop in its carnal form establishing a genuine effort to better the industry as a collective through authentic songs and relentless bangers.



KB real name Keith Bryant born on the southside of Chicago his first album was called “Renowned Sound” released under QuickDraw productions. His brother (KG) is also on the album they were known as the Kunneck. Soon after KB did his first mixtape “Hot 16″. After moving to Arkansas KB started L.A.R.H.U it means loyalty, ambition, respect, honor, and unity. KB oversaw the compilation entitled ” L.A.R.H.U”, then released the album “Rappers Ambition” featuring Bookworm, under Top Fltye Entertainment. Now KB has his first solo album “Given Da K.Businesses”.