Jupiter In Velvet – Beautiful New Day (Review)

Jupiter In Velvet - Beautiful New Day (Review)

ArtistRack has the pleasure of reviewing ‘Beautiful New Day’ by the talented Jupiter In Velvet:

A brand new album from a UK artist with a diverse and in-your-face sound. This album is like a big kick in the face to the staleness of the contemporary music scene. Throughout the span of 11 explosive tracks, Jupiter In Velvet managed to stay true to the sound and feel of their rock roots, but he isn’t afraid to also bump up his melodies.

What really strikes us about this release is definitely the fact that he has an enormously diverse background. Jupiter In Velvet’s sound makes us think of artists as diverse as Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, but the personality and flavor of Jupiter In Velvet’s music is particularly unique.

Jupiter In Velvet captivates the audience with extremely intriguing hooks and personal lyrics, which oftentimes have a very uplifting and direct vibe. This is music that will make you feel happy and energized, and if you take the chance to listen to this record, you’ll become an instant fan for sure. There isn’t a lot of music like this around!

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