Jordan E. Spivack – Our Very Merry Christmas Tree (feat. Bix Bixler) (Review)

Jordan E. Spivack (feat. Bix Bixler) introducing a new holiday-themed track: Our Very Merry Christmas Tree

December 2020 – It’s that special time again! Many artists love to celebrate Christmas by releasing holiday music, and it is really fun to get so many takes on this iconic holiday. If you’ve had enough of the usual “Silent Night” and other ever-popular carols, check out this brand new holiday bop by Jordan E. Spivack, who teamed up with the very talented Bix Bixler especially for this release. The track is titled Our Very Merry Christmas Tree, and it sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics, going for a warm and very relatable sound. The production aesthetics of this release are absolutely amazing, with a truly balanced mix that defines the quality of this song. Jordan and Bix are really good creative match and it is amazing to see how they complemented each other perfectly on this track.

Add this to your holiday heavy rotation and listen to it while setting up your Christmas tree!

Check out “Our Very Merry Christmas Tree” by Jordan E. Spivack (feat. Bix Bixler) on your favorite digital music streaming platforms.