Jordan E. Spivack – July To September (Review)

Jordan E. Spivack - July To September

Music Review for the new release, ‘July to September ‘ by Jordan E. Spivack

Jordan E. Spivack has just released his brand new jazz single “July to September”. 
This track is a fusion that features a classic jazz structure with an exotic flair. In this number, Jordan performs an expressive and poignant piano melody. A vibrant rhythm section also underscores the piano, which gives “July to September” an undeniable upbeat energy.  

As an award-winning composer, Jordan has a deep understanding of how to make jazz accessible. His songs are a joy for lovers of jazz and newcomers alike. Jordan also has a strong academic background in music and he has written in a diverse variety of styles, from pop and classical to children’s musical numbers.

Jordan’s versatility and passion for music are infused in each one of his compositions. This energy and vivacity make each release from Jordon unique and a pleasure to listen to. 

This brand new single is now available for streaming on Spotify. Follow the link below to check out “July to September” now!