Jordan E. Spivack – Jittery (Review)

Jordan E. Spivack - Jittery
[MUSIC REVIEW] Jordan E. Spivack just released a brand new studio single: Jittery.

September 2020 – Jazz artist and performer Jordan E. Spivack is a one-of-a-kind talent with a very distinctive tone, and a unique approach to jazz music. His most recent release, Jittery, is a great example of Jordan’s compositional flair and unique style.

What we love about his work is definitely the fact that he managed to set the bar higher with some killer sounds and a smooth approach to production. Jittery is an incredibly groove-driven song, and it has such tight dynamics, bringing a lot of motion and focus to his sound, even though most of the music is based on an electronic drum pattern.

It is not easy to add a sense of warmth to electronic sounds, but Jordan managed to accomplish that to perfection, highlighting the amazing feel of the artist’s new music, as well as making every note and every beat count. We would definitely recommend this release if you like music that’s made with spontaneity and creativity through and through.

Find out more about Jordan E. Spivack, and do not miss out on this amazing release, which is currently available on the web.