Jon Harris – Big (Review)

Jon Harris - Big (Review)

Check out our Review of the single titled ‘Big’ released by Jon Harris

“Big” is the brand new single release from hip-hop artist Jon Harris. The production of this track stays true to the song’s title, and the sound is absolutely massive. “Big” is a really amazing example of how old-school rap influences can merge positively with new ideas, making for a very intriguing and forward-thinking style. More importantly, Jon’s sound is very personal, and his voice can be likened to some of the most influential rappers on the scene, including Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, only to mention a few.

What we really enjoy about “Big” is certainly the fact that this sound has a unique spirit. It is energetic, but also thought-provoking, with a production attire that feels crisp and modern, with a lot of extra sizzle.

Jon recently released an official lyric video for this single, which is currently available on Youtube. The video helps listeners keep track of Jon’s outstanding delivery, and personal lyricism. His songwriting comes from a very honest place, and his words depict situations, hopes, dreams, and concepts that make of us can actually relate to! It’s a story about dreaming big, and overcoming struggles, no matter what life puts in our way!

Check out “Big” and don’t miss out on Jon Harris and his music: