Joe Nance – My Melody Pt.1 (Review)

Joe Nance - My Melody Pt.1 (Review)

ArtistRack review ‘My Melody Pt.1’ by Joe Nance:

Joe Nance has never been the kind of artist whose sound can be easily categorized within a specific box or genre label.

His music draws from the best Hip-Hop, but it also feels like a broad canvas, where many different genres and influences are allowed to creep in and imprint their mark, making for something truly special and kaleidoscopic.

Joe’s recent release, “My Melody Pt. 1” is a heartfelt tribute to the early rap scene. Erik B & Rakim made huge waves throughout the world with the release of their debut record, “Paid In Full”, one of the most influential hip-hop releases of all times. The song “My Melody” was always one of Joe’s personal favorites, and he finally created a track putting his own spin on the phrase, with ‘My Melody Pt. 1”.

This song is not only a tribute to classic hip-hop, but also a way to revitalize the contemporary rap scene and rekindle the fire of hip-hop, in a day and age when rap music seem to be losing its original heat, getting caught in the same old cliches.

Joe Nance is a great example of what happens when artists bring in a lot of passion to their work, making music that comes from true inspiration and vision!






In 1987 ​Eric B. & Rakim​ shook the world with their seminal debut album, ‘​Paid In Full.’ Featuring not only the classic title track, but fan favorite “My Melody.” Fast forward 31 years later, in a time when many are saying Hip Hop has lost its steam, ​Joe Nance ​comes through like a breath of fresh air with his take on the phrase, “My Melody” Pt. 1. An ode to his Hip-Hop predecessors, the track shines as Joe references notable emcees and R&B artists like ​KRS ONE​, ​Lecrae​, ​Bob Marley​, ​India Arie​ ​and young legend in the making, ​Kendrick Lamar​ with the precision of a seasoned emcee. The string heavy production, courtesy of ​Anno Domini Nation​ complements My Melody’s inspirational theme of overcoming obstacles and staying the course. Proving it won’t be long before Nance is included in the next generation of GOAT emcees.


Joe Nance​ is an artist whose music is undeniable and not able to fit into any box. Although Nance  draws the majority of his inspiration from Hip-Hop, a diverse mixture of genres creep into his formula. All making for an eclectic, appealing and unique sound. Constantly expressing himself through the arts, Nance interacts with the world on his own terms. Music, life, and growth are all vivid themes that echo throughout his work, encapsulating deeper meanings of motivation, inspiration and ambition. When they say Hip Hop is dead and depressing, Nance comes through as a guiding light. Watch the progress.