Jo Whiskey – Don’t Look Back (Review)

Jo Whiskey - Don't Look Back (Review)

Check out this music review of, ‘Don’t Look Back’ released by Jo Whiskey

Jo Whiskey is an artist and producer with a focus on creating direct, punchy and exciting EDM flavors, inspired by genres as diverse as tech, deep house, and electro, only to mention but a few.

Recently, Jo set out to release a brand new studio project, featuring 10 original tracks. What makes the sound of this album stand out is definitely the cheerful and unique vibe that it has. The song titles are pretty direct, and deeply connected with the mood of the track. For example, the opening song, “Atmosphere” really stays true to its title, giving listeners an impactful, atmospheric tone. The same goes for “Happy”, which has a positive and uplifting connotation. This collection of songs is packed full of amazing tracks, which really set the bar higher in terms of sonic aesthetics, melodies and beats.

From lush textures to dreamy and emotional soundscapes, anything is possible, since Jo has such a wide-open approach to his creativity!

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