Jimmy Francis – Christmas In Hawaii (Review)

Check out this music review of the new holiday single, “Christmas in Hawaii.” by Singer and songwriter Jimmy Francis

It’s that time of the year again! The weather might be getting colder, but our hearts are definitely getting a little warmer, with family and friends close by, great food on our plates and many beautiful lights and songs. Speaking of the latter, many artists are releasing some tracks especially tailored to the occasion, providing their fans with something awesome and original to listen to under the Christmas tree. Only this time, let’s make it a Christmas palm, because Jimmy Francis will take you to Hawaii with his amazing new single! The song kicks off with a memorable staccato melody and some bells bringing a gentle percussion element to the mix. The track feels very crisp and present, yet deep and rich. The quality of the arrangement is just astonishing as the sound of the production, allowing of the warmth of the song to come through, even if the instrumental remains refreshingly minimalistic.

For a holiday release, this is particularly important, because the right vibes are truly essential when it comes to Christmas songs. This one is totally nailing it from the moment you press play. There are many artists releasing shallow Christmas tunes to ride the holiday wave, but this seems to be an exception to that rule, because you can really hear the passion in the music and the commitment to creating a composition that it’s not your ordinary Christmas cover or holiday themed song. The combination of tropical influences and island sounds along with classic Christmas motifs it’s truly one of the most inspiring factors at play here. The song expands throughout the span of slightly over four minutes,

If you are looking for an escape from the average snowy Christmas that you might be used to, you should definitely check out “Christmas in Hawaii,” a new holiday single from Jimmy Francis. The song begins with that timeless “White Christmas” melody, but the song is reinvented with different lyrics, and some tropical melody that will remind you of the exotic beaches and golden sands of the Pacific island nation that inspired the song, its mood, and its title. Jimmy is a passionate performer, who brought something truly special to the table with this release!

 Find out more about Jimmy Francis and listen to “Christmas in Hawaii,” which is now available on Spotify