Israel:Stone – Game (Review)

Israel:Stone - Game (Review)

Check out this music review of the single ‘Game’ released by Israel Stone 

A new single from a forward-thinking and passionate singer.

Israel Stone knows what it takes to make music that truly speaks to the audience. This charismatic artist has perfected the art of combining infectious melodies with meaningful lyrics, going for an emotional, yet direct sound. Israel’s most recent studio release, “Game,” stands as an excellent test of talent and creativity. This release hits the mark with a quality arrangement, which really allows Israel’s vocals to branch out on this track. This is exactly the kind of release you would expect from an artist who has a powerful, direct and dedicated approach to melodic writing.

Israel’s vocals feel personal and up-close, going for a very heartfelt delivery. Inspired by talented and timeless artists like Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson or The Weeknd, Israel has a one-of-a-kind way to seriously appeal to his fans. His songs aren’t just memorable, but also unforgettable: “Game” is the kind of track that will stay in your head all day long, making for a really diverse and unique tone.

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