Interview with ‘Kenne Blessin’

Interview with 'Kenne Blessin'

Soca Syrup Write Up
A sweetness blend with condiments of Caribbean flavor is what SKN/VI Boom Productions house calls his first 2020 Groovy Riddim entitled “Soca Syrup.” A sweet groove meshed together with a pulsation of vybz. To Make certain that this syrup is just right, “Boom Productions” linked up with “Baby Musik” from the US Virgin Islands, “Benje” from the Bahamas, “Nickhail” from Saint Kitts & Nevis and “Kenne Blessin” from Antigua & Barbuda. Together they evoke an inevitably sweet and irresistible musical rush that causes the Human spirit to gravitate towards This musical Vibration!!!

Where are you from?

I was born in Jamaica, and became a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda 2000.I am now a permanent residence of the United States but travel back and forth to Europe and the Caribbean.

How long have you been making music?

I have been making music for many years now, which gives me the experience to master my craft a little better each day.

How many songs /albums have you released to date?

I have one debut reggae album called “Get Up And Go” and various singles and featured compilations and various artists projects. So I would say I have released over 20 songs so far worldwide.

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background and inspirations behind it?

Baddest Baddest (Best Whine) is a groovy party mood song for the ladies to represent their regions through body gyrations and rhythms. The “Soca Syrup Riddim” is already and inspiration by itself. And upon hearing it for the first time, the melody was instantly created. Being part of this project is an opportunity for me to merge and unite with my neighboring islands. And gives the ladies a reason to get on in a bachanal manner.

How have you ended up in the music industry?

I’ve been introduced to the industry by my father, uncle and cousin, as the came from BVI to produced an album in Jamaica. The producer being my father and the duo my uncle and cousin. Then we formed a group called #LionDenCrew

What do you think of the music industry in 2019?

I think the music industry is an ever changing ever evolving movement and today 2019, the industry gives us independent artists a change to connect with the world through social media and other internet entities.

Who do you think the most influential artist?

The most influential artist are the ones who made it and keep the impact of inspiring artists like me and also the ones who never stop trying even if they hadn’t reach the ultimate goal.

Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?

I have collaborated with Lil Zane, Tony Curtis, Johnny Rox and Various Producers etc.

How do you think you differ from other artists?

I think I have my own sound, even though I’ve heard I have similar sounds to Wayne wonder, Usher and various artists.
I bring that sweet but Ragga sound, with a crossover between r&b, reggae and a touch of rock.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?

Lol, Rihanna, Dj Khalid, Buju and many more

What was the first album you bought?

Lauryn Hill

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

I have a few actually

If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your draw?

Bob Marley

What is your favourite saying?

“Doinz to the World”.
Which means keep at it and make a positive impact.

What other hobbies or interests do you have?

Filming, Production, Real estates, etc.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

No only birth marks

Tell us more about your upcoming project or this new project?

I have released a few singles from different producers, from LA “Bend” produced by Yungg Trip, from Jamaica “Dem Time Deh”and few others produced by Goldmind Production following an EP, also SLP production out of London “Jah Will Lift It”. These songs are on all platforms worldwide.
The “Soca Syrup Riddim which is a compilation of various artists is one for the Caribbean Carnival worldwide.

What’s in the pipeline after this project?

I have a few goals and preparation for 2020 which involves lots of traveling. Music videos in motions and some shows in Europe. My first Soca band called “Da Bhann” is also having a reunion and we are in plannings for that event also.

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making great, fresh music.

Thank you for interviewing me and appreciate your time. Doinz