Introducing ‘David Fiorenza’

Introducing 'David Fiorenza'

A gifted Americana, Folk, and Acoustic singer-songwriter, David Fiorenza’s music presents an unparalleled and incomparable musical experience. Undergirded by the idea that one should always stay true to oneself and not fall for trends, the dynamic artist hopes to inspire audiences to follow their heart and mind. Using influences from the work of Lucinda Williams, The Mavericks, and Todd Rundgren, Fiorenza delivers a distinguishing musical appeal.

David Fiorenza was part of the duo Fiorenza-Dowlin from 1997 to 2021. Alongside his skilled partner, Fiorenza performed over 1,700 shows in the tri-state area and released 2 CDs. However, owing to an illness, Wayne Dowlin had to stop performing with David but urged him to continue and not stop performing his music live.

David continued recording and performing his pulsating and vibrant solo shows in between performing as a duo. The artist released 4 CDs, with his most recent ‘Fiology’ offering audiences a retrospective of his music from 1996 to 2015, interspersed within alternate versions of songs, instrumentals, remixes, and acoustic, live, and electric versions.
Drawing from his musical influences while growing up in the Philadelphia area, David Fiorenza would go on to see concerts weekly at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. Charged with the motivation to perform live, the artist dropped a large mix of originals and cover songs. He counts singer-songwriter, Todd Rundgren amidst his main inspirations, having seen him perform his original mixes over 85 times. Fiorenza also remains fascinated by The Mavericks and appreciates their characteristic sound, which lies at the crossroads of Americana and Country, encompassing ballads, dance tunes, and other diverse styles.
The artist continues to perform anywhere where there is an outlet. When he is not performing, he continues to develop the brand he created, Philly Area Music Reviews, on Facebook and Twitter. Most recently, Fiorenza expanded his brand to a podcast centered around music, musicians, and venues in the Philadelphia area. David’s music can be found on Spotify and Apple, along with his Philly Area Music Reviews podcast. He enjoys thousands of listeners on Spotify each month and even has 40+ songs on YouTube.

A musical prodigy, David Fiorenza is a solo artist who plays the guitar, mandolin, percussion, and harmonica and delivers empowering vocals. His four solo CDs include, ‘Go Ahead, Ignore Me,’ ‘Tan, Rested, Ready,’ ‘Martini’s, Stockings, & William Holden,’ and ‘Fiology – career retrospective.’

Since 1996, the artist has performed on over 1,800 occasions, including at open mics, retirement homes, outdoor festivals, cafes, and farmer’s markets. He aims to continue with his electric performances, rejuvenate his podcast, ‘Philly Area Music Reviews’ on Anchor, Apple, and Spotify, and continue to coach younger musicians.