Introducing ‘Sheila Layter’

Introducing 'Sheila Layter'

Introducing ‘Sheila Layter’

Setting an example in the musical industry, Maria Luana Rita Italiano,the name of whose art is Sheila Layter, is spreading her musical aura through her musical compositions. The artist is hailing from Tuscany in Italy. Growing up in a family of musicians and composers, Sheila is greatly inspired by the people around her. Her mother is one of the greatest Opera Singers who is also her musical Idol. The artist developed her knack for music when she was only 4 years old and since then, pop music has become an inevitable part of her life.

Sheila started performing in 2006 and created a huge buzz in the European clubs and disco by bringing back the reminiscence of ’60s,’ 70s, and ’80s musical hits. While nurturing herself, the singer met Marcello Scichilone (Winner of CastrocaroFestival who has collaborated with great Artists like Jermaine Jackson, Dire Straits), an uberly talented musical person who is currently her arranger and producer as well. Both of their songwriting skills and intricate knowledge of music helped to create multiple tracks with an amalgamated essence of R&B, Pop, and Classical music. Sheila possesses an amazing vocal tone that is perfect for Blues, Pop, and Modern electro-pop music. While talking about the purpose of music in life, the singer said, “Nothing is more exciting than creating music. My purpose is to reach people’s hearts with my songs.”

By the year 2016, the artist became quite popular with the release of music on the major music streaming platforms. Her track ‘Nostalgia’ helped her to pave her way which was quickly followed by her debut album ‘Diamond’, released in 2020 in collaboration with Marcello Scichilone. This year in September, the singer released ‘Afghan Rose’ and then ‘Adrenaline’ on December 18th which enveloped all her followers. Her music video of ‘Warrior’s heart’ has been selected in the 17th Annual IMA. Proceeding at full throttle, Sheila is looking forward to more fruitful days in the coming days. Visit her website to know more.