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ELECTRIC ROOM From Made In Jamaica EP
The events of life inspire I-tali❌™ music. For me its not about the hype and the fame. Its about how great I can paint a picture of the flames I witness here on earth.

I see many youths get burn. And for many I see the tables turn.
Made In Jamaica EP is not just a list songs for people to listen be judgemental.
Its a collection of sounds rooted from my experience.
Its a golden framed mirror for everyone to reflect. Even if you weren’t born in Jamaica, you can still relate and embrace your cultural pride and desire to be great.

I-tali❌ The Reminder aims to reach the heart of all souls hear on earth and I sent the signals through my music.

Supporting my EP for $11.94 cents makes sense because it will motivate me to continue on my conscious path in life.
I see too many youth losing the drive to stay alive and be great.
I believe my music is a means to escape.

You can find me at ITALIXTUNES.NET / italix dreminder on Facebook. Italixoriginal on twitter. Italixtunes on instagram. Italixthereminder on SoundCloud. Italixthereminder on reverbnation. For bookings email [email protected] or 7865415095



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