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The Conscious Underground – Bless My Soul

The Conscious Underground proudly presenting new single, 'Bless My Soul' Looking to create more traction with Spotify listeners. https://open.spotify.com/track/1FGeL8iSVPTOOtBudwi2AE?si=dp0rNJPcRmyP302Mi5jD5g FOLLOW ON: TWITTER

Alisonus – My Inspiration

ArtistRack brings to you 'My Inspiration' by the talented UK based Alisonus: https://open.spotify.com/track/30XvZeGysYZ6rtKnhgIxRv I am Alisonus i am from Swansea Uk I am also in a...

Etäisyys – Toisella Puolella

ArtistRack brings to you 'Toisella Puolella' by the talented Etäisyys: We are two guys from the future, who travelled to present time with our dubwise...

Alisonus – You Uplift Me

Alisonus presenting new single, 'You Uplift Me' You uplift me is a song about someone having a dream but nobody believes in you except one...

Black Creek Reign – Culture Shock

New single, 'Culture Shock' released by Black Creek Reign Featuring an iconic Hammond B-3, and mixed on the same console the legendary Bob Marley used...

Elisha Israel – Mystic Journey

Check out the new single, 'Mystic Journey' by Elisha Israel Conscious Instrumental roots rock reggae music, coming out of the heart of America, mystic vibes...

Animal Da Mon$tarr – Red Dot

New track: 'Red Dot' released by Animal Da Mon$tarr   ANIMAL DA MON$TARR who was born and raised in WASHINGTON, D.C. is the CEO and...

MSJR – Prophecies (Falling Down)

MSJR proudly presents single, 'Prophecies (Falling Down)' MSJR was created in honor of a lost friend. The music has been created to spread positive messages...

Jay Douglas – Jah Children feat. General Trees (Remix by Dubmatix)

JUNO Award-nominated and award winning reggae and music master Jay Douglas drops “Jah Children”. The track features iconic Jamaican dancehall DJ General Trees and a...

YARDIE BWOY – Shit Nah Change

“New Music From Reggae Artist YARDIE BWOY “Shit Nah Change” Stream YARDIE BWOY’s new single “Shit Nah Change”. This is the initial record from the...


4evaP - Private Flights

4evaP – Privet Flights

4evaP introducing his brand new single release, 'Privet flights' featuring C Gutter 4evaP follow me on Instagram & Facebook https://open.spotify.com/track/6polnWdCnJ3lOIAbempzrT?si=Pfnh-U_oRTGwbH7t2vdE4g PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

Robert Manigault – Found Someone

Robert Manigault is back with another stunning single and music video: Found Someone. April 2020 - Robert Manigault is an artist and songwriter who has...
JC Hipster feat. Albi - Trap Love

JC Hipster feat. Albi – Trap Love

Presenting exciting new single, 'Trap Love' by JC Hipster feat. Albi The song was about feelings of love being trapped inside of me and trying...
TK Soul - Thats Life

TK Soul – Thats Life

TK Soul presenting the visuals for his new single, 'Thats Life' TK Soul is a well known soul artist in the south non as the...
7ROSES - Candy (Original Mix)

7ROSES – Candy (Original Mix)

7ROSES proudly presenting new single, 'Candy' (Original Mix) 7ROSES did it again bringing you another progressive trance banger! https://open.spotify.com/track/0Ji9dp50GPUU7GzZ8lXh2J?si=FynmmePrQ1GTwDt_6R1CVg FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |...
The WAV3 - 1Now

The WAV3 – 1Now

Check out the new single, '1Now' released by The WAV3 Who is WAV3/DUB3? Pronounced , this artist is an individual of many talents. Mixing and producing,...
Nezz - Schemes

Nezz – Schemes

Check out the new single, 'Schemes' by Nezz  3rd single from Nezz who's keeping the buzz going and loading up more songs to release in...
Amel Rose & DJ Fredy Muks - Your Story

Amel Rose & DJ Fredy Muks – Your Story

Amel Rose & DJ Fredy Muks presenting their new release, 'Your Story' A classic Summer anthem, high power up beat true life story of Amel...
Buggzy Hoffa - Money

Buggzy Hoffa – Money

Buggzy Hoffa introducing his brand new single release, 'Money' Brooklyn natives of the Black Diamond Mafia squad have done it again! After the successful debuts...
Aced - On God

Aced – On God

Presenting new single, 'On God' released by Aced "On God" is the hype up single for my new album "Palm Coast". "Palm Coast" is about...
Yvalain - When You Believe in Love (feat. Ted Poulsen & Juha Hintikka)

Yvalain – When You Believe in Love (feat. Ted Poulsen & Juha Hintikka)

Yvalain presenting new song, 'When You Believe in Love' featuring Ted Poulsen & Juha Hintikka "When You Believe in Love" is an optimistic pop ballad...
comètes. - zénith

comètes. – zénith

comètes. presenting new song titled, 'zénith' comètes. is on earth now https://open.spotify.com/track/00DCUE27RRg80W5XiaN1pC?si=K-EnnaqaTlmAY4_4VLAyPA

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