Gyles Evans – Check (Review)

Gyles Evans - Check ( RawHeats)

ArtistRack reviews Gyles Evans latest track ‘Check’:

The 808s on Gyles Evans latest track ‘Check’ will be sure to knock out your stereo deck as it fortifies a heavy-handed delivery of fire-ridden bars that torch the instrumental’s foundation. The fast-paced stanzas on this rap ballad accurately displays Gyles Evans professional position as a contending up and coming MC. The gritty production sets the temperament of the beat with precise flow patterns that are both immaculate and brilliant. His tempo changes rapidly throughout the duration of the track without losing any significant steps and maintains a full-bodied consistency. The street life story telling abilities of Gyles Evans paints a real-life picture through his genuine boldness and assertive attitude in the recording booth. This rapper also sings the chorus which displays his hybrid approach towards creating timeless music through harnessing his talents in an innovative yet discrete fashion. Nonetheless, the lyricism is surprisingly as intense as the instrumental certifying a rugged performance art encapsulated through booming high definition sound waves. The production FX were another component that cannot be discounted or ignored as it morphed throughout the composition with authority and vigorousness. Check out Gyles Evans latest track if you want to hear cognizant hip-hop that is revamping the industry standards of street rap sound.


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