Good for Nothing – This Life’s a Joke (Review)

Good for Nothing - This Life’s a Joke (Review)

Music review for the new album release, ‘This Life’s a Joke’ by Good for Nothing

July 2020 – Good for Nothing is a band who recently released a brand new studio EP titled “This Life’s a Joke.” The music combines hard-hitting alternative rock with melodic ideas, unfolding through the span of 5 studio songs.

“The Devil Haunts Me” is a track that feels like a perfect intro, going for a more atmospheric touch but still retaining a strong rock feel. “All I Want” has a heavier groove, reminiscent of artists as diverse as Tool and Velvet Revolver. “Everybody Knows” is one of the heavy hitters on the EP. The riffing is on point, and the rhythm section has got what it takes to really make the sound stand out. The vocal layers add more melody to this release, perfectly cutting through the guitars.

“Hand To Mouth (Luis Acid) follows along the same line, but going for an even wilder rock and roll attitude. Last but not least, “This is You” has a more psychedelic and expansive soundscape, with some experimental sounds adding more depth to the mix.

Find out more about Good for Nothing, and check out This Life’s A Joke, which is now available on Spotify, and elsewhere on the web.