Frankenfido – Lost Words

Frankenfido - Lost Words

Frankenfido presents his brand new single release, ‘Lost Words’

Lost Words…
It’s the same old classic story.
Girl meets boy.
Boy meets untimely demise.
Girl reunites with boy eternally, under suspicious circumstances.

Frankenfidos new song has all the melodrama, pomp and soaring
instrumentation that you could ever want from an ambitious Eurovision
song entry, that failed to live down to the required standards.

Frankenfido evolved as a fun chaotic jam band that suddenly evolved into a going concern that’s destined to lift commercial music up from the depths of mediocrity, irrelevance and apathy.

Frankenfido consists of a range of various musicians whose amazing array of talents when grouped together create a new style of Music that can be described as, just simple grooving ‘Pop/Rock’ very much in the same vein as early Deep Purple or Pink Floyd!

Not unexpectedly then, Frankenfidos music is both an intriguing and genre’ defying creation, that explores the boundaries of artistry and encourages listeners to re evaluate their own preconceptions of what rhythm, melody and harmony is!

Indeed, Frankenfido could be going so far as to invent their own genre and style.

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