Flatline B Ocean – Smoke With Me (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Smoke With Me’ released by Flatline B Ocean

Flatline B Ocean is a hip-hop artist who has developed a very diverse sound. His tracks are modern and kaleidoscopic, often creating stunning sonic collages that extend way beyond the usual boundaries of rap music and deep into the eclectic feel of the contemporary scene. Recently, he released a hot new single that stands out as a perfect example of what I am talking about. This song is titled “Smoke With Me,” and it combines contemporary hip-hop aesthetics with ambient textures and a hint of a southern vibe.

 Ultimately, the track offers a very immersive experience, and it definitely sets the right mood for what the title is suggesting. This is a track that combines vivid artistry with visionary aesthetics, and ultimately a really good production. There is a stunning sense of accomplishment and balance between all of those aforementioned elements, and Flatline B Ocean definitely strikes me as an artist who has a clear vision of what it means to define a strong identity and even share his ideas with the audience in a more personal way.

 Find out more about Flatline B Ocean, and listen to “Smoke With Me.” The song can be found on Youtube, and elsewhere on the web.