Espelage – Never Give Up

Espelage – Never Give Up:

Espelage grew up an only child in the small town of Boerne, Texas. When she was a toddler, she would go to her desk to draw, or wander the house humming. Singing became increasingly more important to Espelage and eventually took the time that had previously been devoted to track and basketball.  She tried out for Choral junior year where the choir director told her she had perfect pitch.

Espelage chose to attend Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.  This school was in the top three rated art colleges in the country and she was awarded a partial scholarship. She chose to major in Photography with minor in Fine Art focus on printmaking, painting and film.

After college she transitioned from behind the camera to front of the camera modeling for an extensive array of photographers and runway work which led her to Atlanta, GA where she met her current producer Karazz, CEO of Capitalize Entertainment. Karazz saw talent in Espelage and started developing her as a pop artist with swag and naming her manager of Capitalize Entertainment as well. The journey eventually led Espelage to Hollywood CA to finish her first EP Chapter One where she currently resides to this day.