Donika Nimani – Tvivlar

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Donika Nimani – Tvivlar: The song that gets everyone with a broken heart to listen up.

With honesty and cockiness Donika takes the listener on a 3 minute long journey through heartache. The music mixes electronic and organic feel that is comparable to Veronica Maggio and Ana Diaz. This, together with a strong chorus make this song Donika ready to tap the large Swedish pophimlen.

Donikas musical journey took shape in Norrköping where she grew up. The basics of music are usually made up vocals and some guitar chords. She has during his time at Singer/songwriter line at Kulturama in Stockholm and through collaboration with the producer team VCK Music Group has developed into a Swedish pop machine. Something that we will witness through her single “Doubt” and the EP that will be released later this spring.