Don Jovani – Let It Go (Prod. by Marz) – Review

A brand new single from the rising star of Boston Rap.

“Let It Go” is the most recent studio single by rap artist Don Jovani. This track could be seen as yet another exciting chapter in the artist’s career, showcasing his growth and ability to always deliver a combination of great beats, astonishing production aesthetics and unique lyrics.

The song has a really special flow, which falls somewhere in between the raw essence of old school rap, and the diverse creative range of modern hip-hop. The beat is heavy and energetic, but there is also a more mellow side to the track, giving it a cool ambiance in the background. This explosive track was produced by Marz, who helped Don Jovani come up with a raw, captivating sound. Bar after bar, Don Jovani’s lyrical mastery unfolds with his great storytelling abilities and unique focus on flow and charisma.

Find out more about Don Jovani, and do not miss out on “Let It Go,” which is currently available on the web: