Dev AMIL – Pentagram Bandz

Dev AMIL - Pentagram Bandz

ArtistRack reviews Pentagram Bandz by Dev Amil:

Dev AMIL doesn’t waste any time trying to pace out his relentless flow with swift bars that come breaking down doors and pushing rap industry barriers to full capacity. His persistent demeanor is a step ahead of popular contemporary rap artists holding onto mumble – mouth bars with no substance or adequacy.

Furthermore, this artist’s vision is a testament to golden age hip hop that cannot be discounted and is a crucible to the globetrotting independent artists establishing a new vision of hip hop. The twisted-up linguistics on Pentagram Bandz portrays a braggadocios rhyming style with a sense of masterful detail torching the microphone with precision.

The articulation of the wordplay is malleable within the song structure and the deliveries transform at unexpected places within the single’s duration. The amalgam of metaphors set forth urges the listener to think twice about the double-meanings within the sub context of each bar reinforcing a sense of ingenuity. The ad-lib components provided a supplemental anecdote to the rhythm making the songwriting more concise within the instrumentation.

The production is rigid and clean, but tantric, meshing multifaceted pieces of music and loops into one cohesive instrumental with fluctuating tempos. Pentagram Bandz is an absolute MUST for the rap genre and Dev AMIL will be an integral figure in the hip hop crusade with unprecedented aptitude.

You can listen to ‘Pentagram Bandz’ by Dev AMIL here:



Dev ‪AMIL‬ from Yonkers, NY is the shinning angle in the crown of the AMIL brand. Dev focuses on authenticity, creativity, real life issues and a mentally higher innerstanding of life. His music displays a wide range of different topics with heavy content radiating a soon to be great legacy in the hip hop culture A.M.I.L. (All Money is Legal) or (Ambition, Motivation Is Life) is a Hip Hop brand encoded through authentic music, esoteric fine art, literature, film and fashion. Influenced by art, occult, economics and the Hip Hop culture. The encoded acronym A.M.I.L. (All Money is Legal) signifies that all possibilities are infinite when the right amount of energy is applied to your determined goal. Money is the currency, the currency is the current and the current is the melanin.