Darick DDS Spears – Milwaukee (Review)

Darick DDS Spears - Milwaukee (Review)

Darick Dds Spears groups his eccentricity through sentient expressions through the hip hop genre accurately displaying the urban encounters experienced on a systematic basis. Darick Dds Spears’ rap temperament is a pivotal factor to the collective success of this composition banking in on the trending political oppositional stances abundantly sweeping the national forefront.

There are glimpses of masterful street life stories that structure the songs with melodic originality constructing gruff sagas into an audibly audacious public service announcement. The influential reign of each collaborative contribution packs an insightful punch of inspirational music that carries throughout the test of time and is a rememberable sacrament of authentic sound.  

Furthermore, this album depicts and audio-visual experience through the virtual lens of struggle expressed through the artistic natural complexion of hip hop superior intelligence. There is an insurmountable effort to evoke shock value that is seemingly successful on this album reviving a hip-hop spirit that went further into the underground over time. This evolution of the genre has resonated on the streets without the confiscation or sequestered fate that other halfhearted artists faltered towards.

This untapped potential is a pivotal moment for Darick Dds Spears’ career and the future of hip hop’s destiny.

You can listen to ‘Milwaukee’ by Darick DDS Spears HERE