Danny Vash – Judgment Day

Danny Vash - Judgment Day

Danny Vash is back with his new rock anthem: Judgment Day.

July 2020 – Danny Vash is a talented artist and bonafide rock and roller currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been taking the local music scene by storm, and he has also been building a strong online following by releasing some quality bangers, including his most recent studio project, Judgment Day.

This song is a perfect example of Danny’s remarkable stylistic approach, and it is a strong insight into his ability to set the bar higher with some amazing arrangements and a great recording that’s so timeless and diverse. The track also serves as a fantastic example of Danny’s excellence as a studio musician. He plays guitars (electric and acoustic), bass, and can do some amazing lead vocals, perfectly suited to pop, rock, alternative music, and many other production styles, given the fact that he is so versatile. He is also an excellent songwriter, and this track is an example of his creative vision.

Find out more about Danny Vash, and do not miss out on Judgement Day, as well as other song releases from this talented New Mexico artist.