Da New Era Damyon – Really Want It (Review)

Check out this music review of the single, ‘Really Want It’ by Da New Era Damyon

 Da New Era Damyon is back on the scene with a brand new single: “Really Want It.” The track appears on the artist’s album “Grind,” which features 17 new songs. There is even room for a few awesome collaborations, but one of the most outstanding songs is definitely this single. In fact, the song begins with a cool old-school intro, which has a cool East Coast flavor. Instant Wu-Tang Clan vibes here, especially due to the simple, yet catchy melody in the background. The gritty vocal tones are filled with energy and vibe, but the song takes a completely different turn when the chorus kicks in, bringing some catchy R&B hooks. The contrast between the gritty rap verses and the more melodic choruses is king here, and it is one of the things that really makes the song special.

“Really Want It” is a heavy hitter, and it definitely marks an important step forward for the artist. What I love about it is that the main melodies are instantly catchy: you’ll be hooked the moment you press the play button, and the song will keep your attention span engaged, due to Damyon’s incredible vocal skills and charismatic attitude.

In addition to it being an outstanding track as it is, this song also fits perfectly within the context of this album, and it “plays well” with the other songs on the set list. Personality is king in this music genre especially, and this artist is such a distinctive performer, it’s hard not to want to stay focus on everything he says and does on the song! If you enjoy energetic music with a hint of melody, this is most definitely going to be something for you to check out.

Da New Era Damyon is not just an artist name: he really is a symbol of a new generation of artists, who are ready to redefine the rules and change the way things are done in the music scene!

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Chicago born and raised, Damontay Omeil Overs is best known by his nickname “Da New Era Damyon”. He quickly realized that blending his lyrics to the kind of beats that fit with a modern sound would yield ground breaking results. With the occasional element of R&B on tracks like “I want you”, he creates an atmosphere that follows, sets, and breaks trends. This diversity sets a paradigm of its own weight.

Spending much time perfecting his flow early on, he moved through states such as Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Minnesota generating much local praise. Damyon’s proper debut came with his G.R.I.N.D. Vol. 1(Get Ready I’m Not Done) series in 2017 followed by many clever and catchy singles that would define his sound . Off to a fresh start with so much ground already covered, it’s impossible not to look forward to the future of this appealing hip-hop artist.