Da New Era Damyon – Real (Remix) (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Real (Remix)’ released by Da New Era Damyon

Da New Era Damyon is an artist who, in my opinion, represents a new shift for musicians. As the artist himself implies with his moniker – a new era! Traditionally, songwriters are bound to a specific genre or style, but Da New Era Damyon is all about blurring those lines and breaking those stiff rules. From hip-hop, to pop, neo-soul, and even R&B, there is nothing that’s out of reach for this creative performer. His most recent studio single, “Real (Remix)” is actually a perfect example of what I am saying right now. The song kicks off with some stunning melodies, and its rhythm combines groove and energy in equal doses.

The production of the track is killer. My favorite part is the drum beat, which has a raw and unapologetic sound. There is a lot of saturation, making the beat even more characterful. Da New Era Damyon’s voice makes me think of influential artists such as Kendrick Lamar, or Drake, only to mention a few. He is so versatile in each line, and his rhymes are always interlacing with the beat to absolute perfection.

As the title might suggest, this song has a very authentic flow, and a stunning lyrical delivery from an artist that’s always eager to push the envelope and set the bar higher with his songs.

Find out more about Da New Era Damyon and listen to “Real (Remix)” which is now available on the web.


Chicago born and raised, Damontay Omeil Overs is best known by his nickname “Da New Era Damyon”. He quickly realized that blending his lyrics to the kind of beats that fit with a modern sound would yield ground breaking results. With the occasional element of R&B on tracks like “I want you”, he creates an atmosphere that follows, sets, and breaks trends. This diversity sets a paradigm of its own weight. Spending much time perfecting his flow early on, he moved through states such as Arizona and Minnesota generating much local praise.

Damyon’s proper debut came with his G.R.I.N.D. Vol. 1(Get Ready I’m Not Done) series in 2017 followed by many clever and catchy singles that would define his sound in 2018. Off to a fresh start with so much ground already covered, it’s impossible not to look forward to the future of this appealing hip-hop artist.